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With over three decades of industry leadership, Brian Camelio is more than a consultant – he’s a pioneer. Renowned for his groundbreaking work in the music industry, Brian’s legacy includes the creation of ArtistShare, the internet’s first “crowdfunding” platform. This revolutionary concept transformed the way artists approached business on the internet, forever altering the landscape.

As a Grammy award-winning musician and producer, creative projects he has consulted on have received 36 Grammy nominations and 13 Grammy awards to date and have generated millions of dollars in revenue in traditionally underperforming areas.

As a consultant, educator, U.S. patent holder and public speaker, Brian Camelio’s influence extends beyond his impressive track record. Notably, he served as an advisor to the Canadian government’s Department of Canadian Heritage when they were researching new business models, technologies, copyright and the compensation for use of music in Canada.

His insights have even graced many colleges and universities worldwide including the esteemed Judge School of Business at Cambridge University.

March 12, 2019

We celebrated the Web’s 30th birthday and compiled a select timeline of events which included the launch of ArtistShare which has had a significant contribution to the web”.

~ Sir Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web)

But even then, with the world population so huge, placing your endeavor at the forefront of public attention for anyone willing to contribute to, is a purely brilliant idea. That is exactly what was playing in the mind of Boston musician Brian Camelio when he founded ArtistShare, the world’s oldest crowdfunding website for creative professionals, in 2003. Following the immense success of this brave new idea, other websites soon followed suit, and crowdfunding, became a full-fledged industry.

Forbes Magazine, 2016

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